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The Society

The purposes of this Society are both educational and scientific. Our goals are to promote and encourage the discovery and exchange of information regarding primates, and anyone engaged in scientific primatology or who is interested in supporting these goals may apply for membership. The Society is established as a nonprofit corporation under the nonprofit laws of the State of Washington and the United States of America.
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Members of the Board

President's Welcome Message

"On behalf of the Board of Directors, I'd like to welcome you to the home of the American Society of Primatologists on the internet. The ASP is an educational and scientific organization whose purpose is to promote and encourage the discovery and exchange of information regarding primates..."
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ASP Bulletin

Published quarterly, our newsletter includes information about ASP activities, job availability, grant opportunities, internship and field research postings. Issues are available online, although the current issue is restricted to ASP members only.
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Membership of the ASP

The ASP has diverse and growing membership. Members are entitled to a variety of benefits, many of which can be accessed through this website. You can join or renew membership online, or print and post the application form. Membership benefits include:
Quarterly newsletter, the ASP Bulletin
Membership directory, with members' contact details
Reduced registration for the Society's annual meetings
A full subscription to the American Journal of Primatology

Rules and Regulations of the Society


Resolutions and Policy Statements

Response to Terrorist Attacks by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
Private Ownership of Primates
Protection of Primate Health in the Wild
Organ Donation
Human Population Growth
Ethical Treatment of Non-Human Primates
Conservation of Wild Primate Populations
Chimpanzees: long term care and use in research
Support of Primate Research Centers Program
Response to USDA 'Draft policy on environment enhancement for nonhuman primates'

Revised: 15 November 2009

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