Conservation Award Recipients

Since 1989, the American Society of Primatologists has provided funding in support of research- and education-based projects aimed at effecting primate conservation. Riley & Zak (2015) developed and administered a survey to former grant recipients from the years 1997–2012 to assess the conservation impact of ASP funded projects. The results highlight the importance of garnering local support for primate conservation projects, sustaining a long-term research presence at field sites, clearly defining terms used in monitoring and evaluation, building evaluation into the design of primate conservation projects, and encouraging and enabling researchers to share both successes and failures. You can read more about the impact of the ASP Conservation Small grant program with complimentary access to the Riley & Zak paper.
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Conservation Award Winners for 2000

Small Grants ($500 - $1500 each)

  • >Matthew Banks, [ASP Bulletin Mar 2002, Vol 26(1) p. 8], "Lemur Fauna of Littoral Forest, Tolagnaro (Fort Dauphin) Region, Southeastern Madagascar" $1500

  • >Mukesh Chalise, [ASP Bulletin Dec 2001, Vol 25(4) p. 4-5], "Survey of Assamese Monkeys in Langtang National Park, Nepal" $1400

  • >Anwaruddin Choudhury, [ASP Bulletin Mar 2002, Vol 26(1) p. 8], "Survey of Non-Human Primates in West Kameng District (2650' - 2750'N, 9200' - 9250'E), Arunachal Pradesh, India" $750

  • >Ekpenyong Effiong "Community Based Conservation Education and Awareness Campaign Programme in the Proposed Afi Mountain Wild Life Sanctuary in Cross River State of Nigeria" $1200

  • >Joel Gathua, [ASP Bulletin Sep 2001, Vol 25(3) p. 8], "Monitoring the Demographic Status of the Angolan Colobus (Colobus angolensis palliatus) in the Shimba Hills Reserve, Coastal Kenya" $1250

  • >Entang Iskandar, [ASP Bulletin Sep 2001, Vol 25(3) p. 9], "Population Survey of Javan Gibbon (Hylobates moloch) at the Ujung Kulon National Park, West Java, Indonesia" $1500

  • >Mugambi Karere "Ecological Study and Conservation Strategy for De Brazza's monkeys (Cercopithecus neglectus) in Kenya" $1000

  • >Erwin Palacios "Primate Conservation in the Lower Caquet and Apaporis Rivers Through Educational Activities" $1200

  • >Tania Saj "The Boabeng-Fiema Primate Research Project: The Potential Role of Sacred Groves in the Conservation of West African Monkeys" $1000

  • >Janette Wallis, [ASP Bulletin Mar 2002, Vol 26(1) p. 9], "Monitoring the Behavioral Ecology and Viability of Forest Fragment Chimpanzees, Masindi District, Uganda" $1016