Application for the ASP General Small Grant

Deadline: June 1, 2017

Grant proposals are invited for general research projects, with preference given to training initiatives, start-up funds, supplementary funding for students, and innovations in animal care and research technology. Award amounts range from $500 to $1500, and will be for a period of one year.

Online grant submission: Available beginning January 1, 2017. You do not need to be a member, but you will need a login in order to submit your application. You can create a login here if you don't already have one.

Proposal instructions:

All proposals, whether submitted on-line or by email, should be formatted using the grant application form and should include all the sections outlined below.

Additional sections may be included where relevant but the total narrative should not exceed 2500 words. Applicants whose projects will be conducted in the U.S. must document full approval by their Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee before funds are disbursed. Recipients of grants must agree to submit a brief annual half-page report, and a final report (not to exceed 1 single-spaced page) in a form suitable for publication in the ASP Bulletin, to the Chair of the Research and Development Committee within 6 months of completing the project. These reports should highlight the recipient's expereienes and how the funds from ASP impacted their project.

  1. Applicants must be ASP Members at the Student Level or above.
  2. Undergraduate and graduate student applicants must have a sponsor/mentor. The sponsor/mentor does not need to be a member of ASP, but should write one of the two letters of recommendation.
  3. Two letters of recommendation are required (details below).
  4. The applicant must be formally affiliated with an institution that can assure that the funds are used appropriately (e.g., Primate Center, University, Foundation or established Field Program).
  5. Grants must fund primate research.
  6. Merit will be the primary criteria for the consideration of each grant.
  7. We will consider the impact that the grant will have for primates and their utility to the society (about 5% of the weighting will be given for this).
  8. Need (i.e., can the project function without it?) will be considered -- no more than 5% of the weighting will be given for need.
  9. Whether the application is from a third world or species indigenous country will be used as a tie breaker. In the case of a tie, preference will go to those who have not won the award previously.
  10. Assurance should be given that if adjunct funding critical to the overall project does not arrive, the ASP funds will only be used for the proposed project.
  11. Field/Zoo/Laboratory applications will be treated equally.
  12. Funds should not be used to build institutional infrastructure or to purchase institutional equipment that is typically provided by the sponsoring institution.
  13. Previously awarded applicants are not eligible to apply the following year after receipt of funding.
  14. If you have any questions regarding your proposal's suitability for funding, please review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Dr. Larry Williams is the chair of the Research and Development Committee for 2014-2016.  He can be contacted by email at

Please download and fill out the grant application form, which contains the following sections:

  1. PERSONNEL PAGE: Please complete all sections.
  2. PROJECT NARRATIVE: (The entire application should not exceed 2500 words-about 4 pages, excluding literature cited-and should be single-spaced. Word count should appear on the cover page.)

    1. Introduction
      1. Abstract - short (150 words) narrative that outlines your proposal
      2. Specific Aims and Goals (with clear hypotheses where applicable)
      3. Background & Significance - fit your research into the existing literature
    2. Methods (include sections as appropriate)
      1. Study site - describe field site location or laboratory setting
      2. Subjects - include sample size, number of groups
      3. Procedure
        • Experimental Design
        • Data Collection
        • Data Analysis
        • Animal Handling (provide a technical description and justification of procedures that involve immobilization or physiological sampling of live animals)
        • Time Table (outline the dates of project activities from start to completion)
      4. Expected Results and Relevance
      5. Education/Outreach
      6. Literature Cited
  3. PROJECT BUDGET and JUSTIFICATION: (maximum 1 page)
    1. Budget (provide an outline of project expenses, e.g., equipment, supplies, assistants, miscellaneous expenses, etc.)
    2. Justification (provide a brief statement justifying the proposed budget items)
      If the project budget exceeds the amount requested from ASP, indicate the item(s) to be funded by the ASP General Small Grant and how the remaining expenses will be covered (i.e. other sources of funding).
  4. CURRICULUM VITAE: (maximum 2 pages) Include as educational background, current position, relevant experience, presentations and publications.

Two letters of recommendation are required

For an ASP general small grant you will need two letters of recommendation. At the time you submit your grant application online, the online system will request the email addresses of your two letter writers and automatically email them with instructions on how to submit their letters. Your letter writers do not have to submit their letters of recommendation by the grant application deadline. However, to ensure that the letters are received in time for review, referees should submit their letters no later than 2 weeks after the grant application deadline.