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Do "birds of a feather flock together" or do "opposites attract"?  Behavioral responses and temperament predict success in pairings of rhesus monkeys in a laboratory setting.

Authors: John P. Capitanio, Shelley A. Blozis, Jessica Snarr, Adrianne Steward, Brenda J. McCowan.
As the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare has stated “There is universal agreement among oversight agencies that nonhuman primates should be socially housed.”  Achieving this goal ... read more

A New Conservation Strategy for China – A Model Starting With Primates.

Authors: Ruliang Pan, Charles Oxnard, Cyril C. Grueter, Baoguo Li, Xiao-Guang Qi, Hang He, Songtao Guo and Paul A. Garber.
In this commentary we propose a new strategy for animal conservation and environmental protection (ACEP) in China starting with primates. Despite their taxonomic diversity, 22 of the 25 primate species ... read more

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Li, C., Zhao, C. and Fan, P.-F. (2015), White-cheeked macaque (Macaca leucogenys): A new macaque species from Medog, southeastern Tibet. Am. J. Primatol., 77: 753–766. doi: 10.1002/ajp.22394


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