Abstract # 1180 Event # 161:

Scheduled for Tuesday, June 27, 2006 04:30 PM-06:10 PM: Session 25 (Kama A) Symposium

Symposium: Cooperative Problem Solving in Primates

B. Hare
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Deutscher Platz 6, Leipzig 04103, Germany
     Primates solve problems by working together that they otherwise would not solve. However, how much do the members of various primate species understand about what they are doing when they work together (e.g. do they understand the role of others in their joint success)? In what ways and in which contexts are primates likely to cooperate and when does cooperation break down? How flexible are these cooperative forms of behavior and what motivates and maintains them? Are there species differences in cooperative behavior – particularly between human and nonhumans? Questions such as these will be addressed in this symposia by bringing together experts on primate cooperative behavior studying wild and captive populations of primates (including humans). Recent research has led to a number of startling new finds (including work in Uganda). Participants will highlight their latest findings, discuss the implications of their research for the evolution of complex forms of cooperation, while charting the future path for discovery that lays ahead.