Abstract # 1151 Event # 23:

Scheduled for Monday, June 26, 2006 02:00 PM-04:00 PM: Session 3 (Bwindi) Symposium

SYMPOSIUM:  Primate Psychoneuroimmunology: Assessments of the effects of behavioral factors on physiological responses

S. J. Schapiro
UTMDACC, Michale E. Keeling Center for Comparative Medicine and Research, Dept. of Veterinary Sciences, 650 Cool Water Dr., Bastrop, TX 78602, USA
     There are considerable data available that suggest that psychological manipulations can result in significant changes in a variety of physiological systems in both human and nonhuman primates. While it is well known that certain types of psychological changes can impact numerous physiological dependent measures, specifically those related to stress, the effects of behavioural and temperament-related characteristics on immunological and other physiological responses are less well understood. This symposium will highlight research that addresses the effects of behavioral manipulations and factors related to temperament on physiological responses in nonhuman primates living in research and breeding colonies. Data from cynomolgus monkeys, rhesus monkeys, vervet monkeys, and chimpanzees will be presented which demonstrate that behaviour and temperament affect immunological, physiological, and other health-related measures. Speakers will address the ways in which management, handling, and research procedures that impact behavior can be studied and utilized to facilitate the establishment of well-defined experimental protocols and animal models. The implications of these nonhuman primate findings for humans will also be discussed. The techniques, data, and interpretations presented within this symposium should advance our efforts to select appropriate types and numbers of subjects for research projects, thereby facilitating the design of optimal experimental protocols with fewer confounds that can more directly test critical experimental hypotheses.