Abstract # 1223 Event # 366:

Scheduled for Wednesday, June 28, 2006 08:00 PM-09:30 PM: Session 44 (Princess) Roundtable

ROUNDTABLE: Primates and Poverty: challenges and opportunities.

V. Reynolds1 and T. Bettinger2
1Orchard House, West St, Alfriston, E Sussex BN26 5UX, United Kingdom, 2Disney's Animal Kingdom, Florida, USA
     Primate field workers mostly work with assistants drawn from the local community. Field sites are often near villages. Local residents frequently lack resources to pay for costly items such as medicines and higher education for their children. However, these are the people on whom the future of primates and primate habitats depends. To ensure a future for primates, we need their assistance and goodwill. In the long term, we shall increasingly need the cooperation and assistance of local communities. In this roundtable, field workers are encouraged to draw on their own experiences. We will discuss actions that have been or could be taken to improve local standards and how these actions have been or could be funded. Additional questions to be addressed are: Should we always include financial assistance for community development and/or capacity building in our grant proposals? For whom should such assistance be requested e.g. schools and other local institutions, or carefully selected individuals e.g. in the form of scholarships? Since donors are not accustomed to seeing such requests in the context of research grants, how can we introduce this concept to potential funders? Through group discussion and multiple viewpoints we hope to develop action steps that could be taken to assist in addressing this issue.