Abstract # 1138 Event # 4:

Scheduled for Monday, June 26, 2006 02:00 PM-06:10 PM: Session 1 (Kuku) Symposium

SYMPOSIUM: Primates and their Predators

S. Gursky
Texas A&M University, Department of Anthropology, College Station, TX 77843, USA
     The goal of this symposium is to present new research detailing the different ways that nocturnal primates deal with their predators. Anti-predator strategies exhibited by the nocturnal prosimians include: alarm calling, mobbing behavior, production of toxins, group cohesion, behavioral modification during moonlight, and vigilance, among others. This session will be unique in that it presents the first compilation of the various ways that nocturnal primates minimize the risks of predation above and beyond crypsis. In addition to detailing the different ways that nocturnal primates deal with predators, this symposium will incorporate several papers on the theoretical advances that researchers studying nocturnal primates need to make. That is, where the field needs to go given the state of predation theory. In addition, the session will also incorporate several papers by scientists studying non-nocturnal primates for comparison with the papers on the nocturnal species. Each of these comparative papers, while focusing on the ways that a specific primate or mammal deals with predators, will also detail how the species’ strategy differs and/or is similar to that exhibited by the nocturnal primates.