Abstract # 1832 Event # 564:

Scheduled for Friday, June 30, 2006 02:00 PM-04:00 PM: Session 72 (Kama A) Symposium

Symposium: Special Video Session

W. Olupot
Wildlife Conservation Society, Plot 802, Mitala RD, Kansanga, P.O. Box 7487, Kampala, Uganda
     This new addition to the scientific program of IPS congress uses video technology to showcase conservation messages, threatened species, and conservation threats and efforts. Submissions to the 21st congress feature a range of topics, from behavioral complexity to conservation initiatives. Nine presentations will focus on complex or rare behavioral sequences in feeding, locomotion, play, ranging, and tool use in chimpanzees, macaques, gorillas, lemurs, and howlers. Two presentations will feature unique primates; the hybrid African forest guenons of eastern and central Africa, and Bili chimpanzees once considered to be a new ape species, subspecies, or hybrids between gorillas and chimpanzees. In addition, three presentations will focus on threats to primate conservation, featuring habitat loss and other threats in the Amazon and in the regions inhabited by black howlers in Mexico and Barbary macaques in Morocco. Also, video feature from the Assirik mountains, Senegal will feature New methods of studying primates from the context of chimps inhabiting the predominantly savanna landscape. We hope this new feature at the IPS Congress will bring another dimension to sharing information about primates and their habitats.