Abstract # 1086 Event # 215:

Scheduled for Saturday, August 20, 2005 08:00 AM-08:30 AM: Session 16 (Crystal Ballroom) Oral Presentation


J. Wallis
African Primates, Inc., 2901 Ginger Dr., Norman, OK 73026, USA
     Each year, the American Society of Primatologists awards grants from the ASP Conservation Fund to help support primate conservation projects around the world. From 1992 to 2004, the ASP awarded 98 Conservation Small Grants to people working to protect primates in 30 countries. These projects include basic and applied research, population surveys, and conservation education programs. Funds are used for routine project expenses, such as local travel and field supplies. More importantly, ASP monies typically cover salary support for field staff, providing a valued addition to the local economy and increasing awareness for the protection of primates. Because the money for ASP Conservation Small Grants is generated from fund-raising activities and generous donations from the ASP membership, this special session will recognize the success of the grants program and show ASP members how the funds are used. This first annual session will highlight the accomplishments of seven past grant recipients whose presentations will illustrate that a small amount of funds can make a huge difference in the ongoing struggle to conserve primates and their habitats.