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Scheduled for Thursday, August 9, 2018 11:15 AM-11:30 AM: (Chula Vista ) Oral Presentation


S. J. Schapiro1,2, M. Skrabut La Pierre3 and A. Ruiz-Lambides4
1UTMDACC, Department of Veterinary Sciences, Bastrop, TX 78602, USA, 2Department of Experimental Medicine, University of Copenhagen, 3Word of Mouth Productions, 4Caribbean Primate Research Center, Punta Santiago, PR
     Shortly after the eye of Hurricane Maria hit Punta Santiago and Cayo Santiago, causing unimaginable devastation to both the town and Cayo, it became obvious to some that the human and nonhuman primate residents of this area were going to need short-, medium-, and long-term assistance. While several efforts quickly mobilized short-term emergency money and supplies, the 3Rs for the CPRC/Project Monkey Island programs focused more on medium- and long-term endeavors. A group of 40 volunteers (11 primatologists) visited Punta Santiago and Cayo Santiago at their own expense during the 2017 Christmas break, clearing debris on Cayo and repairing damaged homes in Punta Santiago. A second group of 25 volunteers (8 primatologists) traveled to Puerto Rico in April 2018 to bring necessary equipment to, and remove debris from, Cayo, in addition to remodeling the CPRC office building and repairing some additional homes in Punta Santiago. A substantial quantity of building supplies, tools, furniture, and appliances were all provided for individuals in need through the generosity of those who donated to 3Rs/Project Monkey Island. While important contributions were made to the revitalization of Cayo and Punta Santiago, much, much more still needs to be done. The size and quantity of obstacles facing our colleagues in Puerto Rico is staggering, and the 3Rs/Project Monkey Island represents one small effort to help them deal with their ongoing situation.