Abstract # 13291 Event # 118:

Scheduled for Friday, August 23, 2019 10:45 AM-11:00 AM: (Wisconsin Historical Society Auditorium) Symposium


A. Kapoor and T. E. Ziegler
UW-Madison, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, 1223 Capitol Court, Madison, Wisconsin 53715, USA
     The Assay Services unit at the WNPRC has a long history of providing high-quality measurements of biomarkers. Continuing on this tradition, we will present two of the newest techniques that we have developed and validated to further non-human primate (NHP) research. Marmosets are increasingly being used in research, but there is a lack of commercially available assays validated for their use, especially as New World monkeys can have variant peptides and proteins compared to other primates. This issue led us to initiate development of a LC-MS/MS method to quantitate marmoset insulin. Using the resources of the WNPRC, we isolated insulin from marmoset pancreas to create the only working assay of marmoset insulin available. Further plans for this method are to create a panel of metabolism and obesity biomarkers and to develop a complementary panel for macaques. Measuring steroids in hair is another focus of the lab. Hair is a unique matrix to study hormones in as it is non-invasive and can be used to discern long-term hormone information with one sample. This is especially important in studies when the subject is not easily accessible, such as in primate field work. Assay Services has been at the forefront of validating the measurement of a panel of hormones in hair as well as determining the mechanism by which hormones from the blood are deposited into hair.