Abstract # 1848 Event # 27:

Scheduled for Thursday, August 17, 2006 10:50 AM-11:10 AM: Session 3 (Regency East #3) Oral Presentation


G. Sackett
Washington Nat. Prim. Res. Ctr., Univ. of Washington, Box 357330, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
     Gerry and I met in 1963 when I came to the University of Wisconsin Primate Lab as a Research Associate. I was real raw material and my barely dry Ph.D. degree was under great suspicion by the resident graduate students. I needed help badly. Joe Bauer and Gerry Ruppenthal provided it in large doses. Gerry helped me construct equipment, observe monkeys, and blend into the Wisconsin social scene (i.e., urged me to join the lab bowling team). Seven years later we moved together to Washington State and formed a partnership that lasted 35 years. We called our work the Infant Primate Research Laboratory (IPRL). This talk summarizes the history of the IPRL, Gerry’s role in the enterprise, and what I view as the main scientific questions that we attacked but have so far left unanswered. Our work during this entire enterprise was supported by the Regional, now National, Primate research Center (NCRR grant RR00166) and the Child Development and Mental Retardation Center, now Human Development and Disabilities Center (NICHHD 02274). We continue to receive this support. We gratefully acknowledge center directors Orville Smith, Ervin Emanuel, and Michael Guralnick for their belief in the scientifiic role of the IPRL.