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Scheduled for Friday, August 18, 2006 03:45 PM-04:05 PM: Session 15 (Regency East #3) Oral Presentation

The Great Ape Aging Project: Progress Report and Call for Collaboration

J. M. Erwin1,2
1Foundation for Comparative & Conservation Biology, 4139 Gem Bridge Road, Needmore, PA 17238, USA, 2VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech
     This year marks the tenth year since we initiated the Great Ape Aging Project. The project was conceived as a means of recognizing the value and promoting the well-being of elderly great apes in zoological and research institutions in the US. Much remains to be learned from the great apes that can be learned by noninvasive studies that can also benefit each individual. The project involves behavioral and health monitoring while individuals are alive and detailed post-mortem studies of tissues. The greatest emphasis has been on studies of neurobiology and comparative neuroanatomy, particularly as these relate to neurodegenerative diseases and language functions. The results of these studies will be presented and discussed relative to recent comparative genomics research. Dozens of organizations already cooperate with the GAAP, and increased participation is invited. [This is part of a symposium on aging]