Abstract # 2092 Event # 233:

Scheduled for Saturday, August 19, 2006 02:30 PM-02:45 PM: Session 22 (Regency East #1) Oral Presentation

Outstanding Mentor Symposium: Irwin Bernstein, Mentoring Style

I. S. Bernstein
Univ. of Georgia, Dept. of Psychology, Athens, GA 30602-3013, USA
     The secret of successful mentoring is to have good students, eager to put in the time necessary to accomplish their goals. I patterned my mentoring on the style of my major professor, Austin Riesen. He never told me what to do but allowed me to develop my own interests. He never asked me to see him, but his door was always open and he acted as if there was nothing else he had to do when I needed him. The one exception was the time he spent every afternoon running cats in his lab. From this I learned to appreciate that no matter how senior you are, you must always be part of the data collection. My best ideas came from my subjects. Only my students can say if I succeeded in emulating Riesen’s best traits. It is clear that they are all following their own research interests. Some were independent from their first day, some did collaborate with me and I welcomed their help, but always tried to spend as much time as they in data collection and analysis so that I could claim equal partnership. Much of my mentoring was passive, but their success indicates that they got what they needed. I am proud of who they have become. I want to thank all of you, students and colleagues, for giving me this day.