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Scheduled for Thursday, June 19, 2008 03:15 PM-03:25 PM: Session 9 (Meeting Room 1DE) Oral Presentation

The Development of a New Nonhuman Primate Facility: The Mannheimer Foundation, Inc. at Haman Ranch

J. Wagner, S. Howell, J. Larin, L. Woodrum, A. Gordon and P. Morales
Mannheimer Foundation, Inc., 20255 S.W. 360th St., Homestead, FL 33034-4102, USA
     Laboratory animal science has made considerable advances in animal model development over the past decades. Domestic breeding has become the norm as we seek to conserve indigenous wild populations. We report here on the development of a new facility devoted to breeding SPF cynomolgus and rhesus macaques (Macaca fascicularis and Macaca mulatta, respectively). This includes transport from a University locale, introduction to new outside enclosures, and exposure to new structural enrichment. Records were reviewed for births, deaths, and medical treatments for approximately 1500 rhesus and cynomolgus macaques. Animals were separated into single cages for health testing prior to shipment. Animals were shipped in groups of 40 to 90 animals. Animals were slowly re-acclimated and reunited in the new locale. New cages were innovative in their use of recycled materials, cage configuration that allowed inter-group social interactions, and grass and sand substrates. Results suggest the impact on their breeding and behavior has been positive. We report a relative increase in the number of births per year, no change in the number of deaths per year, and a general calming of aggression and abnormal behaviors in the Haman Ranch locale. We conclude that even large number of macaques can transfer from facility to facility without a decrease in their behavioral well-being particularly if the new facility provides adequately for social contact, enrichment, and outdoor living.