Abstract # 2446 Event # 67:

Scheduled for Friday, June 20, 2008 12:00 PM-01:45 PM: Session 8 (Ball Rooms A and B) Workshop

Successful secrets of simian scripts: Publishing before you perish

J. Higley1,2,3, C. S. Barr2 and P. A. Garber3
1Brigham Young University, Department of Psychology, Provo, UT 84057, USA, 2NIAAA, Primate Section, NIH, Poolesville, MD 20837, 3UIUC, Department of Anthropology, Urbana, IL 61801
     Many primate researchers find that early in their careers juggling the hats required for success is difficult, with consistent writing and publishing manuscripts being steep mountains to climb. This lunch symposium is designed to outline the common mistakes of many who strive to find success and secrets of those who are successful writers. The speakers will discuss many of the problems researchers face in becoming prolific, such as removing writers block to get started, bringing data to the page, and common mistakes that lead to rejection. Dr. Higley will introduce the topics and speakers. Dr. Barr, who in her short career has published in numerous high impact journals, will present a paper titled, “The Birth of a Paper: Moving from scientific ideation to science journal publication.” She will discuss how to develop a cutting-edge manuscript. Her topics will include keeping your ideas fresh; getting the best kind of feedback; telling a concise, but clear story; selling your science and ideas; and selecting appropriate journals and revisions. Dr. Garber, our current AJP Editor, will give a presentation titled, “Publish or Perish: Common mistakes researchers make when submitting manuscripts." With over 50% of articles rejected from most journals, including AJP, avoiding simple errors is critical to getting the manuscript published. He will discuss how to avoid critical flaws that lead to rejection.