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T. L. Bettinger1, M. A. Maloney1, K. A. Leighty1 and C. W. Kuhar2
1Disney's Animal Kingdom, PO Box 10000, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830, USA, 2Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

There is a surprising paucity of information available on the cognitive abilities of mandrills (Mandrillus sphinx). We have been working with our collection of 6 adult mandrills [3 males, 3 females] on a series of automated touchscreen tasks. Subjects were initially shaped to touch a large blue square presented on the touchscreen monitor. As proficiency developed, the target blue square was systematically reduced in size and presented at a variety of locations on the screen. During testing, the subject was required to select this blue target from an array of distractor stimuli. In task 1, ten sessions of 21 trials were presented with a varying number of white squares as distractors. Task 2 required a color discrimination of the blue square from squares of other colors. Task 3 required a shape discrimination of the blue square from other blue shapes. Task 2 and Task 3 criterion required a score of 17 or more correct during five consecutive sessions. Subjects demonstrated decreased reaction times and error production with experience across all tasks. Results indicate that older subjects have slower reaction times than younger subjects and color errors were biased toward red stimuli.