Abstract # 6043 Event # 22:

Scheduled for Saturday, September 13, 2014 03:40 PM-04:00 PM: Session 8 (Decatur A) Oral Presentation


M. Hoff1,2
1Dalton State College, Department of Social Sciences, 650 College Dr., Dalton, Georgia 30720, USA, 2Zoo Atlanta
     From the beginning of my academic relationship with Terry Maple, I was impressed with his emphasis on collaboration and sharing—time, data, relationships and publications. In this presentation, I am going to overview how collaboration has impacted the work I’ve done with captive western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) at Yerkes Primate Center and Zoo Atlanta. I began my academic career at a small teaching junior college in NW Georgia where research was tolerated but not encouraged. When I got to the college, I was actively involved in gorilla research, focusing on mother-infant interactions and infant development. I would not have been able to engage in longitudinal gorilla research without the collaborative relationships that I have had over the years. While my college has changed dramatically over the years and now research is embraced, I still need collaborative relationships to continue my research while undertaking more administrative responsibilities at my college. I will examine the beginnings of my gorilla work through the present time, noting the critical collaborative relationships that I have enjoyed through the years that have allowed my research to continue. Additionally, I will overview the way I have been able to bring to my academic career what I learned from Terry about collaboration and sharing.