Abstract # 6056 Event # 87:

Scheduled for Sunday, September 14, 2014 11:25 AM-11:40 AM: Session 13 (Decatur A) Oral Presentation


S. Baeckler Davis
North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance, 3435 NE 45th Ave, Suite G, Portland, OR 97213, USA
     Keeping nonhuman primates in captivity presents various challenges, both for the nonhuman primates and the humans providing care. As social mores and understanding of the complex needs for both physical and psychological wellbeing in nonhuman primates change, the focus of caring for captive apes will trend more and more toward sanctuaries. This presentation focuses on the issues around caring for great apes in sanctuaries. Although sanctuary philosophies revolve around meeting the needs of sanctuary residents, caregivers must carefully control the residents’ lives. This makes the caregiver/sanctuary-resident relationship critical to resident primates’ wellbeing. Trends in care and case studies will be discussed in regard to how positive ape-human interactions and relationships can improve this wellbeing as measured through a decrease in behavioral concerns associated with captivity and an increase in positive social integration with other apes. Other ape-human interactions with implications for captive care will also be briefly addressed, including the use of nonhuman primates in entertainment and as pets.