Abstract # 6071 Event # 23:

Scheduled for Saturday, September 13, 2014 04:00 PM-04:20 PM: Session 8 (Decatur A) Oral Presentation


B. M. Perdue
Agnes Scott College, Psychology Department, 141 E. College Avenue, Decatur, GA 30030, USA
     Throughout his career, Dr. Terry L. Maple’s work has been characterized by a seamless integration of research from many different areas. He has applied his ideas and insights in a variety of settings with an impressive range of species. Animal welfare is one of the areas that he has consistently focused on in his own work and raised awareness of welfare throughout the world. His approach to animal welfare – whether it be in a laboratory, zoo or other setting – is always grounded in scientific research. His dedication to optimizing animal welfare, or wellness, has been inspirational to many in the field. Personally, I have been inspired by his approach and have attempted to apply those lessons to my own research. Here I will present work that attempts to integrate findings from animal welfare and cognitive research. Cognitive research includes a variety of questions relating to how an animal perceives, remembers, learns, and solves problems in the world. These all have relevance to creating environments that are properly suited and ideally stimulating to different species. I will present work focused on nonhuman primate cognition and its relation to welfare. Bridging the gap between these fields will ultimately encourage and allow for optimal wellness for primates in captivity.