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Scheduled for Saturday, June 20, 2015 10:30 AM-10:42 AM: (Cascade F) Oral Presentation


K. J. Hawkins and M. S. Novak
Central Oregon Community College, 2600 N.W. College Way, Bend, Oregon 97701, USA
     One day Matt Novak handed me a flyer for the International Field Study Program. To that point, an opportunity to do field research as a community college undergraduate was a fantasy beyond possibility. I was instantly captivated. I became a participant of the 19th annual International Field Study Program (IFSP), and had a once in a lifetime opportunity, received “hands-on” experience in the field, and developed an observational research project using Long-tailed Macaques (Macaca. fascicularis). During my time with the program I worked with Matt, learning to study behavior, observational methodology and statistics which augments and extends my traditional coursework. I established connections with students from University of Washington and Indonesia, I built professional relationships with professors from University of Washington and Institut Pertanian Bogor, and I began to learn a foreign language and a new culture which was valuable for the community outreach portion of the program. My Tinjil experience gave me a new perspective on my future. I am fortunate to have been given this opportunity early in my educational career. I know the more challenging the experience, the more I will grow as student and researcher. Research opportunities like IFSP are not common for individuals who attend community college but perhaps should be. The hands-on learning and practice conducting good research early in student’s educational careers is vital to generating good scientists.