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The Internet Primate Aging Database (iPAD)

J. Kemnitz, W. Newton and B. Acheson
Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, Madison, WI, USA
     A collaborative effort by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the National Center for Research Resources has laid the foundation for a repository of information on normative aging in non-human primates. This initial phase of development included more than 400,000 entries of data on body weight, blood cell counts, and serum chemistries from 17 species (apes, Old World and New World monkeys) across their lifespans. The data are mixed cross-sectional and longitudinal in nature. Continued development and management of the database is supported by a contract from the NIA to the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center with a subcontract to the University of Chicago National Opinion Research Center (NORC). The database is available to the research community for data mining and suggestions for further development. Additional data are solicited. One published study used the database to pool data from three primate research facilities and assess longitudinal changes in hematological variables in rhesus monkeys (J Medical Primatology 30:161-173, 2001), illustrating its utility. Supported by NIH N01-AG-3-1014 and P51-RR00167.