Abstract # 25:

Scheduled for Wednesday, August 8, 2001 09:00 AM-01:00 PM: (University Hall 158) Pre-Conference Workshop

Bringing primatology into the classroom: A workshop for K-12 teachers

L. Miller1,2
1Department of Anthropology, MiraCosta College, One Bernard Dr., Oceanside, CA 92056, USA, 2Chair, ASP Education Committee
      This workshop will be an opportunity for the ASP to share its work with K-12 teachers from the Savannah area, and to suggest ways that these teachers can bring information about primates into their classrooms. A panel of experts from various disciplines in primatology will make presentations and lead interactive workshops about their research, including field work, laboratory studies, and work done in zoological institutions. We will also discuss important resources such as primate-related data bases, websites, publications, and collections of slides and videos. While the workshop will address a variety of subjects, there will be a strong emphasis on conservation issues, because reaching youngsters with this information is integral to making a positive impact. Overall, we hope to give participating teachers a better idea of what primatology is all about, so that they can share our love of primates with their students.