Abstract # 555:

Scheduled for Thursday, July 31, 2003 02:45 PM-05:00 PM: Session 6 (Science Theatres 143) Symposium

Primate Sexual Selection: Current Research

J. A. Parga
University of Texas at Austin, Department of Anthropology, Austin, TX 78712-1086, USA
     Sexual selection, the process of selection of traits influencing mating success, has two components: intra-sexual selection (competition among same-sexed individuals for mates) and the component to which mate choice belongs, inter-sexual selection (in which members of one sex cause differential mating success among members of the opposite sex). Investigating sexual selection in primates poses particular challenges, as the complexity inherent in primate social systems coupled with the longevity of primates often makes it difficult to isolate and quantify the perceived effects of sexual selection. This symposium will feature current research conducted in the area of primate sexual selection by graduate students. Invited speakers will discuss research findings from studies on taxa across the primate order, including prosimians, Old World monkeys, and apes. Results from field studies as well as more theoretical comparative research will be featured in this session.