Abstract # 4482 Event # 126:

Scheduled for Friday, June 21, 2013 12:30 PM-02:00 PM: Session 16 (San Geronimo Ballroom B)


D. A. Smucny
University of Maryland University College, The Undergraduate School, 3501 University Blvd, East, Adelphi, MD 20783, USA
     In today's job market in higher education, tenure-track positions (emphasizing research) in primatology and other associated disciplines are becoming increasingly scarce, with intense competition for such jobs. However, projected growth in community colleges and in nontraditional universities will result in a need for full-time or part-time teaching faculty who are effective and engaging instructors for general education, introductory, and advanced undergraduate courses. Teaching jobs thus offer permanent or temporary employment opportunities for primatologists, in the traditional classroom, online, and in nontraditional educational settings. It is important for primatologists (particularly those early in their careers and for those at transitional points in their careers) to prepare/organize effective strategies for the teaching job search. An important resource for the teaching job search is the teaching portfolio. The process of constructing a teaching portfolio allows for self-assessment, reflection on teaching strengths, interests, and goals, all of which will guide other aspects of the teaching job search (e.g., applications, teaching philosophy statements, interviews). In this facilitated workshop, participants will: (a) work with tools and resources to prepare components of the teaching portfolio; (b ) develop strategies for the teaching job search across different types of higher education institutions and teaching/learning formats; and (c ) learn interviewing tips for the teaching job search, including an overview of current trends in higher education (e.g., assessment, competency-based education, Open Educational Resources, MOOCs).