Abstract # 13390 Event # 193:

Scheduled for Saturday, August 24, 2019 11:30 AM-01:00 PM: (Room 313) Symposium


K. L. Bales1,2, M. J. Reid3, L. M. Robinson4 and P. Genest5
1University of California, Davis, Department of Psychology, Davis, CA 95616, USA, 2California National Primate Research Center, 3University of Toronto, 4University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, 5John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
     Peer reviewing is the key to scientific feedback and quality control in scientific publishing. The exponentially growing number of scientific publications, increasing competitiveness and complexity of the scientific world impose higher demands on quality reviews. This workshop aims to provide a guide for early-career scientists through their first experiences in reviewing. In particular, it will provide a guideline on how efficiently to produce informative, fair and critical analysis of research that results in reviews helpful for editors and authors. Participants will engage in a mock peer-review and interactive group discussion will focus on learning the perspectives of authors, peer-reviewers, and editors during the peer review process.