Abstract # 13466 Event # 204:

Scheduled for Saturday, August 24, 2019 01:00 PM-03:05 PM: (Room 225) Symposium


S. F. Brosnan
Georgia State University, Departments of Psychology & Philosophy, Atlanta, GA 30303-5010, USA
     Primatology is a relatively young discipline, and as such, we have the luck to have many of the founding or first generation members still active in the field. In this symposium, you will hear from four pioneers in primatology, who will discuss their research, how it set the stage for current research foci in priamatology, and their thoughts on unanswered questions that the field should tackle in coming decades. Speakers span monkeys and apes, Old World and New World primates, field and lab, as well as a variety of research questions, for an integrated look at where primatology is and where it is going.