Abstract # 493 Event # 3:

Scheduled for Wednesday, July 30, 2003 09:00 AM-12:00 PM: Session 2 (Science Theatres 129) Pre-Conference Workshop

Managing Behavioral Health and Environmental Enrichment of Laboratory Primates

J. L. Weed1, K. C. Baker2 and C. M. Crockett3
1Veterinary Resources Program/Office of Research Services/NIH/DHHS, Box 56, Building 102, Poolesville, MD 20837-0529, USA, 2Tulane National Primate Research Center, 3Washington National Primate Research Center
      This workshop will focus on the implementation of behavioral management programs in the biomedical setting. It is intended for individuals such as enrichment coordinators, enrichment technicians, and veterinarians, whose positions involve oversight and/or implementation of environmental enrichment programs in the laboratory. Through short talks and group discussions, we will address real-world challenges and mechanisms for promoting ongoing augmentation of enrichment programs. Topics will include: 1) an overview of staffing, roles, and responsibilities at large facilities, 2) mechanisms for increasing the use of social enrichment in the biomedical environment, 3) guidelines for ensuring the evolution of your program, 4) addressing well-being in the context of clinical care, infectious disease, and experimental protocols, and 5) positive reinforcement training as an element of a behavioral management program. Attendees will be urged to bring examples of challenges they are currently facing, for group discussion and problem solving. Speakers at this workshop include J. L.Weed, K. C. Baker, C. M. Crockett, J. Bielitzski & M. Bloomsmith.