Abstract # 2502 Event # 30:

Scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2009 01:30 PM-04:30 PM: Session 4 (Mission Bay Ballroom AB) Featured Speaker


D. M. Fragaszy
University of Georgia, Department of Psychology, Athens, GA 30602-3013, USA

Charles Darwin argued that emotion, like morphology and physiology, varied across species in a manner reflecting evolution, bringing emotion into the realm of biology. Contemporary biologists recognize that emotion plays an essential role in behavior and in health. Primatologists have demonstrated phylogenetic continuity in emotion and substrates supporting emotion at some levels of analysis, and individual and taxonomic diversity at other levels. This symposium brings together researchers investigating how emotional processes impact biobehavioral development, health, and behavior of individuals. Panksepp develops neuroscientific strategies that take us beyond the behavioral level, to begin understanding emotional feelings as critical aspects of endophenotypic thinking in biological psychiatry. Maestripieri will discuss the role of emotions and stress reactivity in the regulation of parental behavior. Bard will discuss how emotion and early experiences contribute to behavioral development and how emotion becomes integrated with cognition. Capitanio will discuss links between temperament dispositions and health-related outcomes, and neuroimmune mechanisms that may mediate these effects. Owren will discuss the parallels among vocal signals of emotion across primate species, including humans, and the evolutionary and functional significance of differences across species in the underlying neural processes involved in vocal communication. Our evolving understanding of emotion as an integral component of biology depends upon continuing lively discussion and broad interdisciplinary investigations among scientists willing to push the envelope of established knowledge.