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Scheduled for Thursday, August 22, 2019 01:30 PM-02:45 PM: (Room 309) Symposium


O. Pomerantz1,2
1One Shields Ave. , Davis, CALIFORNIA 95616, USA, 2California National Primate Research Center
     Accurate animal welfare assessments are key components of the animals’ care. To date, however, questions relating to the indicative value of several measures remain unanswered. Inferences regarding the welfare state of the animals are generally made using behavioral, physiological, hormonal, and cognitive indicators, as well as subjective evaluations. Each method and technique has its own strengths, weaknesses and the power to reveal information about the animal’s welfare. Consequently, understanding the characteristics of available methodologies is likely to contribute to their appropriate implementation and interpretation of the resulting outcomes. Finally, proper training of animal care and veterinary staff is crucial for correct implementation of the theories and, ultimately, for the animals’ welfare. This symposium will critically examine some of the presently available assessment tools in zoos, the private industry and biomedical facilities. Topics to be presented include; behavioral, physiological, hormonal and subjective tools used in nonhuman-primates welfare assessments, as well as practical considerations for their integration into routine animal care. This symposium is organized by the NIH Behavioral Management Consortium working group.