The Twenty-sixth ASP Meeting Scientific Program

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      Saturday, August 2, 2003 : Day Four
    07:30 AM-08:30 AM: Breakfast (Science Theatres Foyer)
  + 08:15 AM-09:15 AM: Session 14: Contributed Papers: Primate Biology and Social Behavior. Evan Zucker, Moderator (Science Theatres 141)
  + 08:15 AM-10:45 AM: Session 15: Contributed Papers: Ecology and Social Organization. Janice Chism, Moderator (Science Theatres 143) [198]
    11:00 AM-12:00 PM: WHAT MARMOSETS HAVE TAUGHT ME ABOUT LIFE: Suzette D. Tardif (Science Theatres 148)  [208]
    12:00 PM-01:30 PM: Lunch (South Lawn of MacEwan Student Centre)
    01:30 PM-02:00 PM: Silent Auction Closing (Science Theatres TBA)
    02:00 PM-04:30 PM: Session 17: SURVIVING GRADUATE SCHOOL - A WORKSHOP THAT FOCUSES ON 'NAVIGATING IN A GENDERED WORLD': Deborah Overdorff (Science Theatres 141)  [210]
  + 02:00 PM-04:15 PM: Session 18: Contributed Papers: Social Behavior & Conservation. Carolyn Ehardt, moderator (Science Theatres 143)
    04:30 PM-06:00 PM: Business Meeting (Science Theatres 148) [219]
    07:00 PM-12:00 AM: Closing Banquet (Science Theatres TBA) [220]