The Thirtieth ASP Meeting Scientific Program

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      Friday, June 22, 2007 : Day 3
    08:00 AM-08:15 AM: Introductions and Meeting Notes (North Main Hall)
    08:15 AM-09:15 AM: INVITED ADDRESS FEATURING JAY KAPLAN - What Monkeys Can Teach Us About the Role of Behavior and Evolution in Women's Health (North Main Hall)  [80]
    09:15 AM-09:30 AM: - - - Break - - - (South Main Hall)
  + 09:30 AM-12:10 PM: Session 8: Symposium: Contributions of a Macaque Model of Women's Health (North Main Hall C/D)
Organizer: Carol Shively  [81]
  + 09:30 AM-12:00 PM: Session 9: Socially-mediated Learning in Groups of Primates Symposium: Models and Methods (North Main Hall F/G)
Organizer: Jessi Crast  [90]
  + 09:30 AM-12:00 PM: Session 10: Statistics for Primatologists Workshop (North Main Hall E)
Session Moderator: Jim Sackett
    12:00 PM-01:30 PM: - - - Lunch Break - - - (Sample the cuisine of Winston-Salem, Bon Apetit!) (Benton - Foyer)
  - 01:30 PM-03:15 PM: Session 11: Oral Presentations, Infant Development and Parental Behavior (North Main Hall C/D)
Session Chair: Kim Bard
    01:30 PM Costs of Providing Infant Care in Wild Golden Lion Tamarins at Poço das Antas Biological Reserve, Brazil

J. M. Siani, J. M. Dietz[101]
    01:45 PM Variation in Early Parental Care Influences Stress Reactivity in Juvenile Geoffroy's Marmosets (Callithrix Geoffroyi)

A. M. Burrell, J. A. French[102]
    02:00 PM Eighteen Month Development in Twin Lowland Gorillas at Zoo Atlanta

M. Hoff[103]
    02:15 PM Acute Fetal Reactions to Maternal Psychosocial Experience

M. F. S. X. Novak, M. L. Miller, G. P. Sackett, S. J. Suomi[104]
    02:30 PM Neuroendocrinology of Maternal Behavior in Captive Titi Monkeys (Callicebus cupreus)

M. R. Jarcho, S. P. Mendoza, W. A. Mason, S. A. Blozis, K. L. Bales[105]
    02:45 PM Neuroendocrine Mechanisms of Paternal Behavior in the Titi Monkey (Callicebus cupreus)

C. D. Kitzmann, S. P. Mendoza, W. A. Mason, S. A. Blozis, K. L. Bales[106]
    03:00 PM The Role of Prolactin and Testosterone on Male Paternal Care in the Common Marmoset (Callithrix jacchus)

S. L. Prudom, J. R. Gorst, T. E. Ziegler[107]
  + 01:30 PM-03:15 PM: Session 12: Oral Presentations: Genetics, Demography and Populations Studies (North Main Hall E)
Session Chair: Jeffrey Rogers
  + 01:30 PM-03:15 PM: Session 13: Oral Presentations: Colony Management and Enrichment (North Main Hall F/G)
Session Chair: Chris Kuhar
    03:15 PM-03:30 PM: - - - Break - - - (South Main Hall)
    03:30 PM-04:30 PM: INVITED PAST PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS FEATURING JEFFREY A. FRENCH: The Study of 'Beautiful-haired' Monkeys: Twenty-five Years of Research at the Adaptation:Mechanism Interface (North Main Hall)  [122]
    04:30 PM-05:00 PM: - - - Break - - - (South Main Hall)
  + 05:00 PM-07:00 PM: Session 14: Poster Presentations (South Main Hall)
    06:00 PM-08:00 PM: ASP Board of Director's Meeting (Hanes Board Room, Marriot Hotel)