The Thirtieth ASP Meeting Scientific Program

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      Saturday, June 23, 2007 : Day 4
  + 08:30 AM-10:30 AM: Session 15: Oral Presentations: Social Behavior (North Main Hall C/D)
Session Chair: Melissa Gerald
  + 08:30 AM-10:30 AM: Session 16: Symposium Integrating Science into the Behavioral Management of Nonhuman Primates: Two Decades of Progress (North Main Hall F/G)
Organizer: Mollie Bloomsmith  [171]
  + 08:30 AM-10:30 AM: Session 17: Oral Presentations: Veterinary Medicine and Methodology (North Main Hall E)
Session Chair: Elaine Videan
    10:30 AM-10:45 AM: - - - Break - - - (South Main Hall)
  + 10:45 AM-12:45 PM: Session 18: Past Student Award Winners Symposium 1980-2000 (North Main Hall E)
Organizer: Corrina N. Ross  [187]
  - 10:45 AM-12:45 PM: Session 19: Cooperative Breeding in Nonhuman Primates Symposium: A Broader Approach (North Main Hall C/D)
Organizers: T. E. Ziegler and S. Tecot  [194]
    10:45 AM Introduction

J. French[195]
    11:05 AM Fecal Cortisol Levels and Maintenance Behaviors in Wild Groups of a Cooperatively Breeding Species, The Red-bellied Lemur (Eulemur rubriventer)

S. Tecot[196]
    11:20 AM The Family Insurance: Kin Selection and Cooperative Breeding in a Solitary Primate (Microcebus murinus)

M. Eberle, P. M. Kappeler[197]
    11:35 AM Perspectives on Cooperative Breeding from Golden Lion Tamarins and Coppery Titi Monkeys

K. L. Bales, J. M. Dietz, A. J. Baker, W. A. Mason, S. P. Mendoza[198]
    11:50 AM Family Ties: The Maintenance of Pairbonding in Cooperative Breeding Primates

C. T. Snowdon, T. E. Ziegler[199]
    12:05 PM Like Father, Like Son: Social Strategies of Cottontop Tamarin Family Males (Saguinus o. oedipus) in Two Life History Stages

A. J. Ginther, C. T. Snowdon[200]
    12:20 PM Proximate Mechanisms of Cooperative Breeding in Cotton-Top Tamarin and Marmoset Monkeys by Chemical Communication

T. E. Ziegler, C. T. Snowdon[201]
  + 10:45 AM-12:30 PM: Session 20: Oral Presentations: Learning, Cognition and Language (North Main Hall F/G)
Session Chair: Matthew Novak
    12:45 PM-02:30 PM: - - - Lunch Break - - - (Sample all that Winston-Salem has to offer and enjoy!) (Benton - Foyer)
    12:45 PM-03:00 PM: Tours of the Wake Forest University Primate Center (Benton - Foyer)
    03:15 PM-04:30 PM: ASP Business Meeting -All Members Welcome- (South Main Hall)
    04:30 PM-05:00 PM: Silent Auction for Conservation CLOSES - BE THERE to show your support !!! (South Main Hall)
    06:00 PM-01:00 AM: CLOSING BANQUET, AWARDS AND RECOGNITION CEREMONY (Grand Pavilion, Embassy Suites)