The Thirty-first ASP Meeting Scientific Program

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      Friday, June 20, 2008 : Day 3
    08:00 AM-08:15 AM: Opening remarks and introductions (Meeting Room 2DEF)
    08:15 AM-09:15 AM: FEATURED SPEAKER: DISTINGUISHED PRIMATOLOGIST ADDRESS by Jeanne Altmann -- A window onto their lives and life histories: Looking from the sky to under the skin to understand wild primates (Meeting Room 2DEF)  [59]
    09:15 AM-09:30 AM: - - - Break - - - (Ball Rooms A and B)
  + 09:30 AM-12:00 AM: Session 5: Statistics for Primatologists Workshop (Meeting Room 1GHI)
Moderator: Jim Sackett
  + 09:30 AM-12:00 PM: Session 6: Conservation Workshop (Meeting Room 1DE)
Moderator: Chris Kuhar
  + 09:30 AM-12:00 PM: Session 7: Colony management, feeding and nutrition (Meeting Room 2DEF)
Session Chair: Stephen Ross
  + 12:00 PM-02:00 PM: Session 8: Student Luncheon Workshop: Getting Published (Ball Rooms A and B)
    12:05 PM-02:00 PM: - - - Lunch Break - - - (On Your Own)
Enjoy all the West Palm Beach has to offer
    02:00 PM-03:00 PM: KEYNOTE ADDRESS FEATURING: Peter Nathanielsz -- Fetal development - the key to lifetime health: The importance of studies in the nonhuman primate fetus (Meeting Room 2DEF)  [68]
    03:00 PM-03:15 PM: - - - Break - - - (Ball Rooms A and B)
  - 03:15 PM-05:00 PM: Session 9: Colony Management and Enrichment (Meeting Room 2DEF)
Session Chair: Elaine Videan
    03:15 PM The Development of a New Nonhuman Primate Facility: The Mannheimer Foundation, Inc. at Haman Ranch

J. Wagner, S. Howell, J. Larin, L. Woodrum, A. Gordon, P. Morales[69]

S. P. Lambeth, P. N. Nehete, J. K. Sastry, J. Hau, S. J. Schapiro[70]
    03:45 PM Wounding incidence in isosexual pairs of adult rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) during introduction and in varying pair housing conditions

B. C. Oettinger, K. C. Baker, K. Neu, C. Griffis, V. Schoof, M. Maloney, A. Clay, M. Bloomsmith[71]
    04:00 PM Benefits of isosexual pairing of rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) vary with sex and are limited by protected contact but not by frequent separation

K. C. Baker, M. Bloomsmith, K. Neu, C. Griffis, B. Oettinger, V. Schoof, A. Clay, M. Maloney[72]
    04:15 PM Behavioral benefits of pair housing in adult rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) do not depend on age, previous duration of single housing, or naturalistic rearing

M. Bloomsmith, K. C. Baker, K. Neu, C. Griffis, B. Oettinger, V. Schoof, A. Clay, M. Maloney[73]
    04:30 PM Emergence of Natural Behaviors in Sanctuary Chimpanzees (Pan Troglodytes)

A. Fultz, L. Brent [74]
    04:45 PM Observational methods for monitoring abnormal behavior in caged macaques

J. M. Sullivan, K. K. Schultz, M. J. Heinecke, R. J. Colman, K. C. Baker[75]
  + 03:15 PM-05:00 PM: Session 10: Infant Development / Maternal Behavior (Meeting Room 1GHI)
Session Chair: Katherine Hinde
  + 03:15 PM-04:45 PM: Session 11: Ecology, feeding and nutrition (Meeting Room 1DE)
Session Chair: Frances White
  + 05:00 PM-07:00 PM: Session 12: Poster Session (Ball Rooms A and B)
    06:00 PM-08:00 PM: Board of Directors Meeting (Executive Board Room)