As a society, we support and encourage the best quality primate research. We promote the use and development of primate facilities and models, to seek to provide information on research resources and support, to develop mechanisms for recognition of outstanding research in primatology, and to liaise with other scientific societies concerned with the use of primates in research.


Grants & Awards

Grants from $500 to $1500 are available for general research projects. Preference is given to: training initiatives, start-up funds, supplementary funding for students, and innovations in animal care & research technology.

Student prize awards are presented annually to recognize excellence in student research.

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Special Topics in Primatology

These are the first four volumes in a book series published by the ASP and all profits go into our conservation fund and the ASP Education Committee's Minority Initiative.


La Primatologia en Latinoamerica 2


vervet courtesy of Eliza Nelson

Why are nonhuman primates studied, and what kinds of research are conducted?

For the most part, nonhuman primates are research subjects because they are so similar to humans, and the principal reason for this similarity is simple: humans *are* primates. Current ideas are that the first primates appeared more than 60 million years ago. In contrast, the common ancestor of humans and African apes lived only about 5-8 million years ago; so, for more than 50 million years, humans and the African apes have shared primate ancestry. ...more